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Working with Hallam has been a true eye-opener towards the PPC world and the possibilities it provides. Since the beginning of our cooperation we have learned and implemented numerous advanced strategies that had a huge impact on our growth as a business and as a team.”

Silvan Popovic – My TrendyPhone

The client

With a team of 300 employees, online shops in 13 countries, and a product range extending to more than 10,000 different products, My TrendyPhone has grown to be one of the largest online shops for mobile accessories.

Established in 2003, My TrendyPhone stocks products in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, and the USA.

The challenge

My TrendyPhone were spending hundreds of thousands of advertising pounds per month, but their advertising campaigns were not delivering an acceptable return on ad spend in a highly competitive market place. Their campaigns were being managed in house, and the leadership team at My TrendyPhone recognised they needed the competitive advantage offered by an agency managing their campaign.

They were also faced with the challenge of Amazon eating into their market share, and the risk of the business contracting as competition levels and business costs increased.

Speed was of the essence, and they needed to achieve maximum profitability levels within a limited time frame.

Our approach


We were confident our mathematical bidding model would reduce wastage and make My TrendyPhone’s advertising campaigns more profitable. And Google recognised the results we delivered by awarding Hallam the Google Award for Growing Businesses Online Award (EMEA.)

Hallam’s task was to transform the current campaign with a data-driven automation strategy, utilising our proprietary bid management tools, and leveraging Google’s automated bidding tools. We were entirely dedicated to achieving the maximum return on ad spend (ROAS) target as aligned with their overall net profit.

But analyzing the Net Profit vs Actual ROAS only showed us part of the picture. We needed to understand the average lifetime value of a customer and so analysed over 2 million records of customer sales. This was a true big data project that required specialist scripting to handle the amount of data and pivot it to match customer records. 

We also ran experiments to test the  most profitable shipping rates, which demonstrated a higher shipping rate lowered sales by 3.7%, but generate an extra 8.0% per sale, a 4.3% overall improvement. And we analysed customer demographic data by age, gender, and location, and created a product dashboard to track under performing brands and products.

By first understanding the client’s business costs, then combining individual item profit margins with performance metrics,an ideal target was calculated to get the most lucrative balance of sales volumes versus the percentage of profit made per sale.

We quickly identified wastage in the account, and then followed with a series of highly controlled experiments to test and maximise the profit from their Google Ads advertising for the 8.000 products.

The results


Through numerous uses of in-depth data analysis, product and audience segmentation and split testing, Hallam were able to transform their poor performing advertising campaigns into a highly profitable, highly targeted sales generation engine.

This gave My TrendyPhone the resources and the confidence to expand into new countries, networks and areas of digital marketing. 

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