Call for paper


2018 International Conference on Aerospace Engineering and Control Technologies (CAECT 2018)

Athens, Greece | Apr.13-15, 2018


All the principal investigators, scientists, engineers, managers, government program officers, professors, R&D professionals, postdoctoral researchers, and Ph.D. students involved in Advanced Materials Research and Manufacturing Technologies are welcome to attend the conference. If you are intereted in presenting your research at conference, without publishig any paper, you only need to submit the title and abstract of your speech to the electronical submission system before Feb. 25, 2018. ( Abstract Template)



If you are interested in publishing your paper in the conference proceeding as well as presenting it at conference, please prepare the manuscript in accordance with the standard of template and submit the full paper through electronical submission system before Feb. 28, 2018! ( Full Paper Template)

Tips for full paper:

1, The paper should have at least 6 pages.

2, Only original English paper is accepted for peer review.

3, Plagiarism is prohibited.



Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Aerospace Mechatronics and Avionics Systems
  • Spacecraft avionics systems, subsystems and technologies
    Aerodynamic forces and structural flexibility
    Applied aerodynamics and fluid mechanics
    Flight software engineering and testing
    Aerospace robotics and mechatronics
    Advances in aerospace technology
    Unmanned aircraft technologies
    Aerostructures and composites
    Computational fluid dynamics
    Emerging avionics technology
    Advanced theoretical models
    Rocket theory and design
    Heat transfer mechanics
    Aeroelasticity and loads
    Aviation human factors
    Novel aero engines
    Aircraft systems

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Aerospace Design, Testing, and Performance
    Experimental Methods and Measurements
    Aerospace Systems and Technology
    Aircraft Manufacturing Technology
    Aerospace Dynamics and Controls
    Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity
    Spacecraft Structure and Design
    Airworthiness and Certifications
    Aircraft Structure and Design
    Aeronautical Engineering
    Astronautics Engineering
    Aerospace Structures
    Aerospace Propulsion
    UAV and MAV
    Flight Systems
    Other related topics

  • Control technologies
  • Robust sensing and information processing systems
    Computer-aided and autonomous flight requires
    Control engineering education
    Identification and estimation
    Networked control systems
    Sensor network systems
    Control applications
    Intelligent systems
    Adaptive control
    Hybrid systems
    Process control
    Robust control
    Delay systems

  • important notices
  • 1, The manuscript should be written in accordance with the standard of template.(Template)

    2, The paper should be no less than 6 pages.

    3, Only English Manuscript will be acceptable.

    4, Only original papers will be accepted for review.

    5, Plagiarism is prohibited.